21 - 01 - 2019

SCADA Design

In order to create a diagram, you have to add blocks with inputs and outputs to connected in the needed logical sequence, so as to get the desired diagram. All the graphical objects can be added from the main application bar:

 The graphical elements consist of:

Functional blocks

  • They are grouped in libraries according to their theirs functions. Double click over the block in order to add it.



  • Some of them are graphical objects which can visualize values from controlled/modelled process – Lamp, Scope, Volt meter (X Meter), Text Out. Another group of controls is human controlled input for the system, like Button, Check Box, Radio Buttons.Double click over the control in order to add it.


Common purpose graphical objects

  • They are: Text, Bitmap, Color invertor, color line, transparent color line.


All the blocks and controls have unique names. It is impossible to grant a name of block or control, which already exists.