24 - 07 - 2024

TCP/IP Server

Start/Stop TCP/IP Server.

The application has a TCP/IP Server which makes it a very powerful instrument for remote control and remote monitoring. The server can be started from the TCP/IP Server icon from main application bar. The default port of the server is 707. All the messages received from TCP/IP server are shown on the right blue area with dark blue color. When the TCP/IP server starts for first time, Windows FireWall will ask the user for allowance for an internet access and the user has to allow it.

When the TCP/IP Server is started, the icon of the button is changed to Stop Server.

Up to now two blocks that can work with TCP/IP Server have been developed. They allow the application to obtain information from a mobile phone with Android operating system. This information can be the data from the phone’s sensors, such as orientation, magnetic field, GPS, temperature, etc. An android application with several buttons is represented as a block with digital outputs and is suitable for remote control. The feedback from the SCADA can be sent to the phone as analog signal values. You can find these block in the Android blocks library.


TCP/IP Server settings:


The settings for TCP/IP Server can be made from TAB Settings, button Common Settings:

  • IP Port - the IP Port of the TCP/IP Server. Its default value is 707;
  • AutoStart TCP/IP Server - if the checkbox is checked, when the AltonaLab application starts, the TCP/IP Server will be started automatically;