21 - 06 - 2024

Starting the process

Start/Stop the process.


Manual start of the process:

by pressing the Start button:


If all blocks are connected correctly and there are not errors, when the button Start is pressed its text will be changed to Stop. If there are errors, they will be show up at the blue right area with dark red color and the process will be not started.


Automatically start the process:

If we want the diagram to run automatically, when the AltonaLab application is started (for example, when a computer is started), we need to go to the Settings button group and in Common Settings to choose AutoStart and full path and name of the diagram file.


Automatically start the TCP/IP Server:

Just add the key StartTCPServer to Common section in configuration file AltonaLab.ini file, located at the current folder of AltonaLab application:

  • [Common]


Starter Conception

Starter is a long term developed conception that increases the reliability of the software work to infinity. It is good to be used when the software has to work without interruption.

The concept is the following:

Two AltonaLab softwares are located in two separated folders:
c:\AltonaLabStarter\AltonaLab.exe and at c:\AltonaLab\AltonaLab.exe

We have to do the next settings:

  • When Windows starts, it has to start automatically the application from the Starter folder:
  • AltonaLab from the Starter folder has to be set to start automatically the diagram c:\AltonaLabStarter\Starter.nsm. This happens with the interface described above;
  • When AltonaLab from the Starter folder starts and its diagram Starter.nsm starts, this diagram will start the next AltonaLab application located at the folder c:\AltonaLab\AltonaLab.exe. The second AltonaLab application will start its own working diagram;
  • The main idea here is - the Starter AltonaLab application starts the second AltonaLab application and monitoring it, if the second AltonaLab application crashed, the Starter will kill the remaining of the crashed process and will start it again. The complex system of two applications will never stop and will work to infinity!

The using of the AltonaLab conception is very easy, we just need to do the next:

  • Run the application located at c:\AltonaLab\AltonaLab.exe and from Common settings interface press the button Create AltonaLab Starter! This will create a folder c:\AltonaLabStarter\, and will copy all the needful files at this folder;
  • At the working diagram at folder c:\AltonaLab\ just add the block AltonaLabIsAlive from a AltonaLab library;
  • Add the starter application to Windows StartUp folder: c:\AltonaLabStarter\AltonaLab.exe to be run automatically when the Windows OS starts;

This is all!