24 - 07 - 2024

Diagram objects

Adding graphical elements to the diagram:

All the graphical objects can be added from the main application bar:

The graphical objects are:  Functional blocks, Controls and Common purpose graphical objects.


Functional blocks:

The blocks are grouped in libraries according to their theirs functions. Double click over the block in order to add it:




Some controls are graphical objects which can visualize values from controlled/modelled process – Lamp, TextOut, Image... Another group of controls is human controlled input for the system, like Button, CheckBox, RadioButtons... Double click over the control in order to add it.



Common purpose graphical objects:

They are: Text, Bitmap, Color invertor, Color line, Transparent.


All the blocks and controls have unique names. It is impossible to grant a name of block or control, which doesn't already exists.