21 - 06 - 2024

Connections and contours


  • Many linked connections are called contour.
  • Only inputs/outputs with same color can be connected together in one contour (same type of signals)!!!
  • In one contour there may be only one block output and unlimited block inputs!!!


Create a connection between input and output of blocks:

New connection is established when the user left-click with mouse over the block’s input or output, without releasing the mouse button drag the mouse to direction of another input/output, and then release the mouse button over it.

Create a new connection from an existing connection:

With double click over an existing connection, the connection will be divided into two parts and a connection point will be created:

To establish a new connection from connection point, click over it, wait 1..2 seconds and then drag the mouse. If you click and immediately drag the mouse, the dot will only be moved. From one dot you can establish many connections:


Disconnect a connected block's input or output:

Double click with left mouse button over the connected input/output will disconnect it:


Connect a block's input to block's output without a connection line:

Some time when the diagram is too large or is needed to be connected blocks from different layers, there is a way to connect them without connection line. Just click with a right mouse button over the NOT connected block's input and at a new shown interface choose the block's output from the listed blocks. The listed at the interface blocks and outputs will be only those that are of the same type as the signal type of the chosen for connection block's input!!!

The connected input using this way is marked with a vertical line: