23 - 05 - 2024

Parameters of graphical objects

Block's parameters:

Double click over the block or click with right mouse button opens the Parameters editor where every parameter is presented with separated row. The parameter Name is very important and is unique within the diagram!

Control's parameters:

A right mouse click over the control, opens the Parameter editor.


Properties of the diagram:

A right mouse button click over the empty space of the diagram opens an interface for diagram's properties:

  • CanvasHeight / CanvasWidth - the height and the widht of the diagram;
  • ColorBackGround- color of the background;
  • Grid Height / Grid Width - the height and the width of invisible grid, which is used from all the controls and blocks for alignment.
  • Locked - when this parameter is checked, all the blocks and controls can't be moved with the mouse;
  • LockedCanvasHeight / LockedCanvasWidth - when the diagram is locked, the application uses this parameters to determine the diagram's size. This is a tricky way to hide all the blocks and contours which are outside the visible area (the area determined from parameters LockedCanvasHeight / LockedCanvasWidth) and only controls from a visible area to be shown;
  • ZoomFactor - zoom of the diagram;