24 - 07 - 2024


Demonstrates the ability to receive TCP/IP data from an android phone and to show the information from many sensors. It is needed to download the android application from here (Download). Install the application and set the IP address of the computer, where AltonaLab works. Port has to be the same as the server port in AltonaLab: 707, set for ObjectID=1. The block AndroidPhoneInfo has one setting for ObjectID. Put the same value as in phone: 1. TCP/IP server needs to be started. You can do this from the TCP/IP Server menu-> Start Server. Then in the new interface that will show click the Start Server button. The runnig diagram will show the information from many phone's sensors, like magnetic sensors, orientation sensor, temperature sensor (if it is available on the phone), GPS data for longitude, latitude. The same diagram demostrates the ability to find the distance between two GPS points. First point would be the android device, the second one - GPSConstCoord, which can be the coordinates of the user’s home or office. When the phone is moving, the distance between phone and computer will be changed. Unlimited phones can be connected, but each needs to have a different ObjectID and to be presented in diagram with a different AndroidPhoneInfo block having ObjectID as on the phone.