24 - 07 - 2024


Control the temperature of electrical bulb:

DemoDiagram: BulbTempControl.nsm




The temperature sensor is LM335 with 12 volts power suplay. It works in range forty degrees under zero to hundred degrees over zero. The voltage from sensor will be measured with analog input from Numato device which can work in range from zero to 5 volts. There is a conversation between analog input value and temperature:



The electical diagram of temperature sensor is shown below:


The controller board is Numato 4 Channel USB Relay Module, External Power Supply. It has a few GPIO's, one of them is used as analog input:


The desired temperatuse can be set from scrollbar and is shown with text control and graph with blue color. The measured temperature is shown in red color.


Diagram substracts the bulb's temperature from the desired temperature. If the difference is positive, then the relay switchs on the bulb and its temperature starts to raise. When the bulb's temperature increases above the desired temperature, the bulb switchs off and starts to cooling.