Users and Rights Conception

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Published on Monday, 04 February 2019 18:37
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Users and Rights conception

License: Industrial

A concept has been developed that restricts users to some actions with the diagram, as editing, starting, stopping.

Editing/adding users, rights:
To access the interface for user and rights, you must first Log In. This happens from the LogIn icon located in the Design/Process buttons bar at the top of the AltonaLab application.

If you run this interface for the first time and users have not been added, you must Log In as an Administrator with:
UserName: admin
Password: 1234

The default password of the Administrator can be changed later with the User interface. The user interface can be opened with Users icon located in Settings buttons bar at the top of the AltonaLab application.

Settings of the user are:

For user Administrator, only a Password can be edited.

Editing user's rights:

With button Edit users's settings, we can edit the access restrictions of the selected user:

Setting up a diagram for working with users:

To use the users concept at the diagram, you need to right-click on an empty space of the diagram and check the Use Users check-box. Then save the diagram!!!

Editing a diagram which uses users:
To edit the diagram, you must Log In with a user who has the right setting: Can change diagram. Logging happens from the Log In button from the top icons bar of the application;

Starting a diagram which uses users - there are three models to start the diagram. All the models need an user with checked restriction Can run diagram:


Block CurrUser

License: Industrial

The block located in a Users library. If the diagram uses users and the diagram is started, the block's output will have values for the logged in user or for user who started the diagram.

Block's output: