21 - 06 - 2024

Numato 8 Channel USB GPIO Module With Analog Inputs

Numato 8 Channel USB GPIO Module With Analog Inputs is a very easy to use board:

Just connect the board using the USB cable to your computer and a new communication port will appear at Device manager:

Then at AltonaLab software, open the library Numato USB GPIO devices and add the block Numato8ChannelUSBGPIOModule to the diagram. Double click

The important block's parameters are:

  • FastMode - When we try to control very fast process, we have to set parameter CommunicatePerSec=0, FastMode - checked. At this mode some send to Numato device commands can be lost;
  • OnStopResetDigOuts - if the parameter is checked, when the diagram stops, all the digital outputs will be cleared. The parameter is useful in case, any digital output controls a relay, which has to be stopped, when the diagram stops;
  • CommunicatePerSec - on how many seconds to connect to the device. If the parameter is set to 2, this means AltonaLab software will communicate with the device on every two seconds. For some fast process, please set the parameter to 0 sec, this means the software will try to connect to the max possible speed with device.
  • GPIO - using this parameter we can set every GPIO of numato device as digital input or digital output. Six of GPIOs can be set as analog input:

The digital inputs appear to the right of the block as light green block's outputs, the digital outputs appear to the left of the block as block's inputs. Analog inputs appear to the right as block's outputs in dark green.



All the GPIOs of the board work in range 0..5V. This means the analog input's rage is 0..5V. When the digital output is in High value, the hardware output is 5V.