Simple home security system

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Published on Friday, 10 April 2020 05:47
Written by AltonaLab
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Experiment: Simple home security system.

AltonaLab diagram: KIT_SimpleHomeSecurity.nsm

Used hardware:

The idea - Imagine you have a property 100km far from you and you do not know what is going on with it. A non stop running computer equipped with AltonaLab software and needful hardware will help you to monitoring your remote property:

Warning!!! Before starting the AltonaLab diagram, you must to do the next:

Because at this diagram, AltobaLab is a mail client, which is connected to the mail server, please read careful at the article above: How to send e-mail via GMail account - some special settings in the e-mail WEB site are needed, in other case, AltonaLab will be blocked to send mails from your e-mail server! If you use other mail server than GMail, similar settings are needed!


Please be very careful with PIR sensor! It is very small and it has not good readable texts on its board about its pins. Its board has two sides, one with electronic elements and other with soldering. The image below is with electronic elements on top side. The left pin is Positive power supply, the middle pin is signal output, then is GND. The pins of a PIR sensor are connected to the Connector board by cables Male to Female!!!


 The used AltonaLab diagram is:


Date: <Date;dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss>

Living room: <LivingRoom>

Temperature: <Temp;1>


The article from the URL below explains how to use a Text formation conception:

Into the text of the e-mail body are used names of the block's inputs. When the block's input DoSend becomes to a high level, the names of the block's inputs will be replaced with theirs values and the result text will looks like the text below:

Date: 12.04.2020 11:39:18
Living room: On
Temperature: 19.5

You can easy add more inputs of a MailSender block if you want to monitoring more PIR or other sensors. At the top of the diagram are located two more lamp controls, one of them Mail is sent: will Turn ON when the e-mail is successfully sent. If some of the parameters of a MailSender blocks related to an identification to a Mail server are not correct, the Lamp control Mail send error will Turn ON.