SCADA for Hobby use, Home automation, Industrial automation, School equipment.

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Base licence for 49.00 EURO

Starter Kit: AltonaLab SCADA (49.00 EURO) + Numato 2 Channel USB Powered Relay Module (23.90 EURO) for 59.00 EURO

Starter Kit: AltonaLab SCADA (49.00 EURO) + Numato 4 Channel USB Powered Relay Module (36.90 EURO) for 69.00 EURO


AltonaLab is a Windows OS software with graphical CAD environment, suitable for design of different kinds of digital and analog processes.


Basic licence indludes functional blocks for:

The system has TCP/IP Server which allows remote control through a mobile phone. The access is password protected. It is possible the values from the controlled processes to be visualized on the phone.


Standart licence additional includes:


Video demos:

A simple diagram with relay:

Temperature control of electrical bulb: 

A bluetooth control of a toy car:

An experiment with PRB-0.6-7 0.6 temperature sensor:


Supported hardware devices:

Numato GPIO Modules:

8 Channel USB GPIO Module with Analog Inputs

16 Channel USB GPIO Module

32 Channel USB GPIO Module

Numato Relay Modules:

2 Channel USB Relay Module

4 Channel USB Relay Module

8 Channel USB Relay Module

16 Channel USB Relay

32 Channel USB Relay

Other devices:

FTDI Chips: FT245BL, FT245BM

SNMP Ethernet devices


Remote control with android application and TCP/IP server configuration:



AltonaLab SCADA software licence


Download AltonaLab SCADA software and android application for remote control


Demo diagrams:

Home automation:


Generators and Scope control: