22 - 03 - 2019

IoT for Hobby use, Home automation, Industrial automation, School equipment.


Hobby licence for 49.00 EURO

Starter Kit: AltonaLab IoT + Numato 2 Channel USB Powered Relay Module for 59.00 EURO

Starter Kit: AltonaLab IoT + Numato 4 Channel USB Powered Relay Module for 69.00 EURO


Getting started with AltonaLab IoT software:

To dive into the exciting world of IoT, you need to take some time to download the application and read the following articles from the AltonaLab software documentation:

Download AltonaLab IoT software and android application for remote control

AltonaLab IoT software licence

Diagram objects

Connections and contours

Parameters of graphical objects

Working with controls

Build your first diagram