14 - 11 - 2018

Working with controls

In order to use a control you have to:

  • Add a functional block that communicates with the control.

    A block can be added from icon on main application bar:

    Select the "Controls" library. Double click on the block you need in order to add it to the diagram.

  • Add the control.

    Open the interface from the main icon:

    Double click over the control to add it to the diagram. Each control has a name which is created automatically by the system and is unique. The user can change the control’s name with a right click over the control:

  • When the previous two steps are done, we will have two graphical objects on the diagram representing one control.

    For example, we can have a control from the type Lamp and a block from the type Lamp.

  • The last action is to connect the block and the control.

    Right click over the block and in the property "Connect to lamp" you will see a list of all controls of the same type as the current block’s type, which are not connected until now. In other words, if the current block is Lamp, the names in the list will be all the Lamp controls in the diagram. It is important that one control is connected with only one block.