15 - 08 - 2018

Diagram properties

Properties of the diagram:

Right mouse button click over the diagram opens an interface for diagram properties:

  • CanvasHeight / CanvasWidth - the height and the widht of the diagram;
  • ColorBackGround - color of the background;
  • Grid Height / Grid Width - the height and the width of invisible grid, which is used from all the controls and blocks for alignment.
  • Locked - when this parameter is checked, all the blocks and controls can't be moved with the mouse.
  • LockedCanvasHeight / LockedCanvasWidth - when the diagram is locked, the application uses this parameters to determine diagram's size. This is a tricky way to hide all the blocks and contours which are outside the visible area and only controls to be shown.
  • ZoomFactor - zoom of the diagram;