14 - 11 - 2018

Software licence

The Licence interface is accessable from the button Licence, available on the top ribbon bar of the application. When the application is in Demo mode, the Licence button stays on Design/Process group of icons. If the application is licenced, the Licence button is on Settings group of icons. The Licence interface gives all the information for the current licence.


Demo mode:

When the SCADA software is downloaded and installed, it works in Demo mode and the maximum time of the process is limited up to 3 minutes.


Temporary licence:

For this kind of licence, the buyer has to send an unical licence key from his computer to AltonaLab company. The licence key can be gotten from the button Get a key for Temporary licence. Then the customer will receive back via e-mail a multyline text, which is a Temporary licence. The software will works 30 days. The received text has to be entered in the right empty space in the Licence interface and the button GO! to be pressed. The received licence can works only on computer from which the licence key is gotten.


Permanent licence:

When the SCADA software is purchased, the buyer will receive a USB dongle with an unical information for the licence. Without USB dongle, the SCADA software will work in Temporary licence if it is available or in Demo mode. USB dongle gives to customer a permanent licence, without date of expire.


What to do when the software is purchased:

Because of shipping delay, the USB dongle will reach the customer a few days after the purchase, then at the date of purchase customer has to send a licence key to AltonaLab company and to get back a Temporary licence for 30 days. At the same moment, AltonaLab company will send a USB dongle to the customer. When the customer receive a dongle and put it in computer, the software will work with Permament licence.