21 - 06 - 2024

Build your first simple diagram

Simple diagram with Button and Lamp:

In order to create a simple diagram, we have to do the next:

  • Add functional blocks for Button and Lamp:


  • Add controls Button and Lamp:


  • Arrange the graphical objects on the diagram and connect the output Pushed of the block Button to the input On/Off of the block Lamp:

  • It is remained only to connect the functional block Button with a control Button and a functional block Lamp with a control Lamp. This happens by double clicking on the function block and choosing in the Connect to parameter to which control to be connected:

Now we have to Start the process – press the Start button. If there are no errors the Start button’s text will be changed from Start to Stop. In case of errors, they will be written on the right blue area of the screen and the process will be not started.

Once the process is started we can check how it works. When we click on the Button control, the output of the functional block Button will become to a high level and the Lamp should flash. By pressing the Debug button, we can observe the values of the inputs and outputs of the functional blocks.