24 - 07 - 2024


Block PulseWaterMeter

License: Industrial

The block is used for monitoring the mechanical water meter, on which is mounted a sensor. The sensor generates a digital pulse when some amount of water passing through the water meter. The block gives an information about the amount of water passed in liters and cubic meters, and calculates the current water speed. Current readings can be saved in a text file, and when AltonaLab restarts, this information will be not lost.

Block's parameters:

  • PulseWeightLiters - the weight of the pulse at the block's input Pulse in liters;
  • FilterTime - Sometimes pulses at the Pulse input of the block may be rare, this does not mean that there is no water leak at the water meter. Therefore, when passing each impulse, the outputs of the block that give us the speed of water will fall to zero by law on a low-frequence filter with a time delay T. The bigger the time constant T, the slower the deceleration of the speed at the block's outputs;
  • FullFileName - a file path and name where the accumulated liters of the block will be saved. When the diagram is restarted, the accumulated liters will be not lost. For example: c:\AltonaLab\Water.txt
  • WriteToFile - whether the accumulated liters are saved in a file FullFileName;

Block's inputs:

  • Pulse - an input which reads the pulses from a water meter pulse sensor;
  • InAccumulatedLiters and SetAccumulatedLiters - the two inputs are used to set the current value of the accumulated liters. Accumulated cubic meters are automatically calculated
  • InAccumulatedCubMeters and SetAccumulatedCubMeters - the two inputs are used to set the current value of the accumulated cubic meters water. Accumulated liters meters are automatically calculated;

Block's outputs:

  • OnReady - becomes to a high value when a new pulse is received and the block's outputs are updated;
  • AccumulatedLiters - the total amount of the accumulated liters;
  • SpeedLitersPerSec - the current speed of a water in liters per second;
  • AccumulatedCubMeters - the total amount of the accumulated cubic meters;
  • SpeedCubMetersPerHour - the current speed of a water in cubic meters per hour;