14 - 11 - 2018


Block ProcessIsStarted

If we want to do something when the process is started, this is the right block. Its output Started become to hight level after process's cycles described in parameter AfterCycles. If the paremeter AfterCycles is 10 and DiscreteTime parameter of the Process block is 0.001, then the output Started will become to hight value after 0.001 * 10 = 0.01 sec.


Block Keyboard

The block has a parameter Keys that allows to specify which characters and special symbols to monitor on. For each indicated symbol appears new exit the block. If a keyboard's button is pressed, the output goes into high level for one second. The interface of Keys parameters is shown below:

With button "Add", an ordinary keyboard's alfa-numeric character can be added. It can be combination with pressed Control key. The button "Add special key" allows to add a special keys as keyboard's arrows: LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN...


  • Keys - it allows to add new observed buttons;

 Example of Keyboard block: KeyboardMouse.nsm


Block Mouse

The block has an output corresponding to every possible event of the mouse by pressing/releasing or double pressing one of three buttons, move the mouse wheel rotation in forward or reverse direction. Each event leads to passage of the corresponding output in a high level for one second. The mouse move event changes the outputs of the block X and Y to current mouse's coordinates.

Parameters: the block has not parameters.

Example of Mouse block is together with Keyboard block: KeyboardMouse.nsm


Block FrequencyMeter

The block measures the frequency of an input signal X. The output Frequency is in Hertzs. The parameter CheckIntervalSec is a time period of measurement with default value of 1 sec.