24 - 07 - 2024


Block GetStr

License: Hobby, Industrial

The block returns the substring, which is in a position specified by the PosStr parameter and separated with symbol specified in the Separator parameter. For example, if the input InStr is: The world;is;nice!, the parameter PosStr is 3, and Separator is ;, then the result at block's out will be nice!

Block's Parameters:

  • Pos - position of expectes substring;
  • Separator - separator of substrings, can be only one character or it's decimal ASCII value;


Block StrConst

License: Hobby, Industrial


The block has one parameter Const. The output of the block is equal to its parameter.


  • Const - a constant value of the output of the block;


Block StrCompare

License: Hobby, Industrial

The block compares the string from block's input InStr with string from the parameter CompareWith. If the both strings are equal, the output of the block will be at high level.


Block StrFormat

License: Hobby, Industrial

Using parameter Inputs, we can  add unlimited number of inputs to the block with different data types - Analog, Digital, String, Integer, DateTime. At the block's parameter Text we can use the names of block's inputs as TAGs. When the block work, it will replace the TAGs with values from the associated block's inputs.

For example, we add inputs with names Date(DateTime), Town(String), Temp(Analog). The Text parameter is: The air temperature at town: <Town> at date:<Date;dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss> is <Temp;1>

If the block's inputs have values: Date: 01.01.2019 12:33:52, Town: London, Temp: 12.5, the block's output Out will be:

The air temperature at town: London at date: 01.01.2019 12:33:52 is 12.5


More for how to format strings can be read here:



Block's inputs:

  • DoFormat - if the input is connected, the output Out will be updated when the input becomes to high level. In other case the output will be updated many times per second;