14 - 11 - 2018


Block ModbusEthernetIP8channels

LAN Ethernet IP 8 channels Modbus/TCP Relay board

It is used for controlling the Internet/Ethernet module (IP controller) via TCP/IP ModBus protocol. The device can be at long distance at every poit of the world.

Compatible devices:




  • Relays

The device has 8 relays, controlled from every digital input X1 .. X8 of the functional block.


  • CommunicatePerSec - the seconds per which the commands to switch On/Off relays will be send to device. If this parameter is 0, the commands will be send per every DiscreteTime interval described in block Process.
  • DeviceIPAddress - IP address of the device;
  • DevicePort - IP Port of device for ModBus communication, by default it is 502;
  • UnitID - ID of the device, by default it is 0;

The important output of the block is CommunicationError. Is case the device not answers or there is communication error, the output will become to hight value for 3 sec.

 Demo diagram: ModbusEthernetIP8channels.nsm