14 - 11 - 2018

Files Library

Block WriteFile

The block has ability to be designed the number and type of signals, which to be saved to text file. Every input is a column in the file, they are separated with character in parameter Separator. Inputs parameter opens File I/O editor interface, where the user can add or delete input, which to be saved as separated column in the file. Every input has an Name and type. For input Write, pelase read about parameter: WritePerSec.



  •  ColSeparator - the character which separates every input in text file;
  • DateInFileName - if the parameter is checked, current date in format YYYYMMDD will be added to the name of the text file. If file name is LogFile.txt, the result file name will be LogFile20141203.txt. In this case the block will wirte the data in separated file for every day.

  • FileName - name of the file. If this parameter doesn't include a file path, then the file will be writen into current folder, where is SCADA application AltonaLab.exe;
  • Inputs - opens interface for edit file's inputs;
  • WithDateTimeCol - if the parameter is checked, the first column will be the current Date and Time. In this case the file will looks like Log file;
  • WritePerSec - if Write input is not connected, then the block will write a new line in text file per every WritePerSec seconds. If input Write is connected, then the new line will be written when the input become from low to hight level;





Block FileStoreConditions

The block is suitable to store current conditions into file and when it is needed to restore them. It can store unlimited amount of signals, which can be added from parameter FileIO. Every added signal will appear as input and output of the block with the same name, but with added prefix In and sufix Out. When the input Write become from low to hight level, then the inputs will be saved to the file. When the input Read become from low to hight level, then the saved signals will appear to theirs outputs. If inputs Write or Read are not connected, then the Read/Write operation will be completed in time period described in parameters ReadPerSec, WritePerSec. If the parameter FileName has no path, then the file location will be current folder of the application AltonaLab.exe.





Block OutXMLFile

Saves every input to a separate node in an XML file.


  • FileName - valid path and file name for XML file
  • NumAfterPoint – decimals in the XML;
  • WritePerSec - per how many seconds the information in XML file will be saved;

Block OutFile

Saves the input as new line in text file.


  • FileName - path and file name of the text file.
  • NumAfterPoint – decimals in the text file;

Block InTextFile

Reads line by line from a text file where each line is a number.


  • StrOut - read line;
  • EOF - gives high level when end of file occurred;
  • FileLen - number of lines in file;